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Adjustable Intragastric Balloon - 12 Months

Intragastric balloon

Procedure and Recovery


The Adjustable balloon is placed deflated by endoscopy under anesthesia in the stomach and subsequently filled with saline.


The placement takes an average of 15-20 minutes, being a quick, simple and non-invasive procedure.  The recovery time is 2-3h and the patient is discharged from the hospital. day. Recovery is done with 2-3 days of rest at home.  


Balloon Effect 


By filling a portion of the stomach, the balloon allows a decrease in food intake, decreased appetite and early satiety, thus allowing weight loss.


The balloon is an excellent aid in modifying eating habits as it allows the adoption of new habits without the initial difficulty associated with hunger and lack of satiety.


Weight loss


The average weight loss recorded with the Adjustable Balloon is 16kg at 6 months and 25kg after 12 months. In our experience, we have observed that in the first month, weight loss usually varies between 4-10 kg. These results are comparable to more invasive methods such as the Apollo method (Endosleeve).


The amount of weight lost will depend on your initial weight, the more weight the greater the loss and adherence to the food plan, which can be higher than average. Motivation to change eating habits and adherence to the plan are determining factors for superior weight loss and maintenance of lost weight.


Advantages of the Adjustable Balloon

1 Year of Treatment  

The Adjustable Balloon is the only balloon that is approved for use for 12 months – twice as long as other balloon types used so far.


Your doctor will be able to modify the size and volume of the balloon throughout the 12 months of treatment, adjusting the balloon to your specific needs. In this way, it is intended to maintain the feeling of satiety throughout the treatment and reduce intolerance.

Greater Weight Loss

With the balloons used so far, 80% of the weight is lost in the first 3 months of treatment. From then on, the stomach recovers the feeling of appetite, so in the following 3 months the weight loss is lower (20%). With the Adjustable balloon, weight loss is more uniform throughout the treatment as the feeling of satiety can be regained thanks to the adjustment of the volume and size of the balloon. 

More Tolerance

If a patient is very intolerant after balloon placement, it is possible to readjust the size of the balloon and thereby prevent premature balloon extraction.



During the 12 months of treatment, there is continuous monitoring by the gastroenterologist and nutritionist. This follow-up is essential to obtain the best possible results.


After 12 months of treatment, the patient is expected to have learned and integrated healthy eating habits into their lives that allow them to maintain the lost weight.


For the placement of the intragastric balloon it is necessary to carry out an evaluation consultation where your clinical history and data will be analyzed in detail. 


The placement criterion is a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or greater than 27. 


We have other treatment options for people with a BMI of less than 27 or who for whatever reason are unable to have an intragastric balloon placed.

Book an evaluation appointment and clarify all your doubts. 

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