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Frequently Asked Questions  - Intragastric Balloon 


What is the Intragastric Balloon?

It is a silicone medical device that is temporarily placed in the stomach through the esophagus endoscopically under anesthesia. It aims at weight loss through early satiety and a decrease in the stomach's ability to accommodate food.

What is the difference between Intragastric Balloon and Adjustable Intragastric Balloon?


Treatment with the most conventional intragastric balloon lasts for 6 months without the possibility of changing its volume. Treatment with the adjustable intragastric balloon lasts for 12 months with the possibility of increasing or decreasing its size, that is, it is a fully customizable balloon. The main advantages are having twice the time to lose weight and re-educating your eating habits.

Will I gain weight after removing the Intragastric balloon?

If you maintain the eating habits learned during the 12 months of treatment, you will not gain weight and you can even continue the weight loss process. It will just depend on your motivation to continue eating healthy, which at the end of the treatment should already be part of your routine.

Can my body reject the Intragastric balloon?

Reject no, however there may be some intolerance in the first few days which is part of the normal adaptation process. In situations of great intolerance (rare) the balloon volume can be reduced a little if it is the Adjustable Intragastric Balloon . In the case of a 6-month balloon, there is always the risk of having to remove it in case of intolerance. 

Can I exercise after placing the Intragastric Balloon?

In the first 15 days it is recommended to avoid physical exercise. Then gradually you can start by taking walks and when you feel vital you can and should exercise.

Can the Intragastric Balloon Be Deflated?

Despite being a very rare situation, this possibility exists, however if it happens it is possible to detect it. The balloon is filled with saline solution with blue dye and if it is empty it will produce urine with a greenish color. Periodically, our gastroenterologist will be able to evaluate the balloon volume through ultrasound.

Can I get pregnant during Intragastric balloon treatment?

This treatment is often sought by people with fertility problems because excess weight impairs conception. However, it is absolutely contraindicated to become pregnant during treatment. 

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